Monday, 28 February 2011

About Me

Graphic Designer with a keen interest In typography and layout, traditional print processes and branding.

Self Branding Experiments

>I based my designs on one of my favourite geometric shapes, the decagon; a ten sided polygon. After this decision it made it easier for me to experiment with simple shapes and line.

> I took inspiration from the watch on my wrist; a blue 'color coded' swatch watch. I researched more into the watch and the 'color coded' range and sampled colours from each watch to create my own swatch range.
The Design process//
>After experimenting with shape, line and colour I finally came to this design. I decided to use Dutch as my brand; most people know me by this name and I think it will catch peoples attention more than just a usual name. However I did place my real name below so that all associated work and blogs all linked together and lead back to this identity. I still see it as a work in progress and I plan to re-visit this later but for now I'm happy with the direction that I'm going in//

Friday, 25 February 2011

Mailshot idea to New York studios

Mrs Eaves bold and machia

Georgia bold italic and machia regular

Georgia Bold italic and machia regular

I'm planning to send a mailshot to several New York studios titles 'New Yorkshire'.
I've several ideas on what the mailshot is going to be, one being a piece of card (4″ x 9″) with the 'new yorkshire' logo cut out of acrylic and stuck to the face of the card with my blog/web address printed/embossed/foil blocked underneath. At the back of the card there will be a fold out stand similar to a photo frame.
Hoping to produce some testers by the end of next week if time permits.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Enterprise Task 5

Proposed position statement//

1> To work with high end print/ publishing/ and branding, but not to limit myself to just these specialized areas of design, I want to experiment with web and digital design.

2> I see myself working best within a small agency or tight knit studio and not a large design agency where I'd be a smaller part in the design process.

3> I've always had a keen dislike to corporate branding and business/commercial graphics so I would like to stay clear of this area of design.

4> I would like to work in New York after graduating, but if at first for financial reasons I can't I would like to work in Manchester or more locally as London has never really appealed to me.

5> On the subject of ethics I really don't have a distinct view and at the time of writing this would work for most clients.

6> I'd like to work with Typography, colour and simple images and be have that subtle aesthetic with my design as I think type is my strongest area in design.

7> I want to collaborate more/ I respond well to developing my ideas with others and bringing the strongest elements together.

8> As Orson Welles said "create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others" I want to have my own visual style but not so unique to others that it's a niche option for clients.

9> A professional website that engages the viewer and offers a simple but aesthetically pleasing way of navigating through my work.

10> Eventually, maybe in 10 or more years I hope to be able to start my own studio that produces the kind of work I want to the clients I want.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Enterprise Task 4

Who else is out there – how good are they?

> RoAndCo //
[s] Multidisciplinary design studio based in New York, specialising in a range of design solutions for the fashion industry ranging from print to moving image.
[w] Although they do practice design with non-fashion clients, they're speciality with fashion based clients could be seen as restrictive (I don't think this but others do)
[o] As they're a quickly growing studio they could perhaps take the opportunity to expand nationally or internationally.
[t] other studios starting to specialise in fashion may create more competition

> Projects Projects //
[s] A New York based design studio focusing on print, identity, exhibition, and interactive work with clients in art and architecture.
[w] Self-restrictive to just two disciplines; art and architecture. 
[o] Expand to new offices globally
[t] been dependent on a limited number of clients has the possibility of running out of clients

> Studio NewWork
[s] A New York based studio that publishes a biannual magazine showcasing new work from the art and design world. The magazine is in the format of a newspaper and pushes the boundaries of publication with each edition having its own dedicated typeface.
[w] Only sold in certain parts of the world
[o] make the publication more accessible in Europe
[t] Similar publications being launched creating competition

Enterprise Task 3

How will I promote Myself? // What do 'they' want to hear?//

This can range from Business cards; that act as a reminder of a conversation or a piece of design in an exhibition to Magazine ads or interviews. As a student/designer I'm unlikely to be able to afford an ad or be interviewed by a design magazine and Business cards usually come after interacting with other designers or clients. In the modern technological climate a web presence is a designers best portal of publicity, submitting work to design blogs and search engine optimization of your website/blog. Having a domain name and webspace allows you to be easy reachable and acts as a direct link if mentioned in blogs or reviews and can act as a digital portfolio that can easily be sent as a link to clients/studios.

>Personal Selling//
Personally I think this is the core of self-promotion, interacting with designers and clients; either a face to face basis or over the phone shows personality and primary communication skills. I feel that face to face communication is the strongest way to develop and build a business relationship between designers and clients and without this dialogue you can only go so far in the creative industry. Asking for advice from designers and taking an interest in their practice can also start a relationship in design, I hope to do this soon through emails, letters and phone calls to studios that I admire and would like to like

>Direct Marketing//
Targeting my client group through emails, phone calls, meetings and relevant networking events.

>Public Relations//
This is basically direct marketing and sales promotion, but also could include getting involved in local businesses and charities and even local art fairs and exhibitions.

>Sales Promotion//
This again could be business cards, a website displaying past work for other clients. As long I keep my work accessible I can build up my brand allowing me to charge more for my services.


Enterprise Task 2

After stating in the last task that I don't have a specific client group, I've researched into which one is closest and most relavent to me now which happened to be the fashion industry; the fashion house's look books and branding.

>>Fashion Industry////Fashion designers/Fashion sellers/Fashion buyers/Fashion boutique/Look Books/Branding and identity/Shop signage/Shop window display graphics////

>Local// Blue Rinse vintage Clothes Shop

>National// Pop Boutique

>European// Onitsuka Tiger/Fashion Boutique/ Paris

>Transnational// Oak/ Vintage Fashion Boutique/ New York


>Political//Local businesses can deliver and distribute easier as they are on a smaller scale, unlike Transnational businesses which rely on sea and air freight and larger distribution networks which then brings into play things such as green initiatives and carbon footprints. The wave of sustainable packaging and ethical branding also effects businesses and the need of design that reflects clients ethical values. Larger clients are much more commercial and this will be reflected in the branding while local companies have a more independent image and brand.

>Economical//Local companies will never have the resources that larger transnational companies do, they will instead rely on local trade and charge at a lower while distribution cost while be higher due to the smaller amount of stock needed. A larger national or transnational company however will order more and the price per item will be lower, they will also pay more for advertising and publicity.

>Social//Trends are forever changing and at this moment in time vintage clothing is the current style. The result of this has been phenomenal with small boutiques which has given them plenty of local trade. However the larger companies have caught wind of this and have produced similar styles but with the 'big label', which will always appeal more to the masses; having big label clothes which show off your style or how much money you have or may seem to have.

>Technological// Internet shopping has taken the fashion industry by storm and now a great percentage of shoppers don't even leave the house to get their clothes. Smaller boutiques have started to develop their online presence in order to catch up to the bigger chains who already make a massive profit from online sales. The effect on design can vary, designs can be easily transferred digitally to the web and websites can be built but only if the designer has the web developing skills.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Louise Fili Ltd // New York

Dress Code Ny

Project projects


156 Ludlow St, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10002 USA

Project Projects is a design studio focusing on print, identity, exhibition, and interactive work with clients in art and architecture. The studio was founded in 2004 by Prem Krishnamurthy and Adam Michaels; Rob Giampietro joined as a principal in 2010.