Monday, 26 April 2010

Rationale - 2 ideas Speaking from Experience


1. Design a resolution that visualises Health & safety at a house party (humourous)

2. Learning From Mistakes; Create a resolution that shows the positives of making mistakes

Who needs to know?/

1. 1st year students

2. 1st year students

What do they need to know?/

1. How/what to mix (drinks, cocktails) what and what not to do at a house party

2. That getting things wrong is sometimes just as important as getting things right

Why do they need to know?/

1. To encourage house parties and meeting new people

2. To help them accept theyve got something wrong but to know to learn something from that mistake - Have no regrets

What will they respond to?/

1. Through humour they will be entertained by the design

2. Through worry and stress/ everone makes mistakes so people will respond to something that may build confidence

What research is required?/

1. House parties/stories/cocktails

2. Mistakes people have made/famous mistakes that have lead to great things/Mistake sin design that have lead to improvements