Monday, 24 January 2011

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Enterprise Task 1

Who am I?/ Who are they?//

Client Groups>

>Publishers>Book sleeves/promotional materials//
>Music Industry>Record sleeves/gig posters/flyers/artist's identities/merchandise//
>Fashion Industry>T-shirts/fashion publications/identity//
>Ad agencies>print work/typography + graphics//
>Business sector>Identity/promotional prints/business cards//

Client group that reflects your current ambitions within the graphic design area>

> At the moment I couldn't pin point ONE specific client, because my ambitions span several clients if not all of the above. My interests lay in Print, typography and Identity and would prefer not to limit myself to one client group and restrict myself but I would say that all of the listed client groups have similar needs when seeking solutions for print/identity.

What skills you have and how they relate to the needs of your client group?>

>Creative typography/idea generation/innovative approach to promotion//

What skills are needed and what skills do you want to develop?>

>A large breadth or knowledge is required/understanding and communicating with an intended demographic/innovation/mind-blowing but simple approaches to design/ability to make type and image inspire an opinion/I intend to push my typography skills and idea generation abilities/produce more innovative ideas and quicker/be more focused//

What are your professional/creative aims and how do they relate to the needs of the client group?>

>to design eye-catching and thought provoking designs/work in a studio abroad and focus on type + print design


>Produce a range of products that answer the clients problem best. Ideally they would be the identity or promotional material (design for print) for the company as I believe this is my strong point in design and feel that I would be more equipped to challenge solutions that require print/type based products.

>Working within a studio or an agency the price would be determined by them, either by the designers or people in charge of accounting. Preferably I would work for a studio where I could practice high end print and have more resources and not work freelance (or not for quite some time).

>In a perfect world my clients would be based in New York, as that's where I ideally want to work. New York is one of the design hubs of the world and at the forefront of innovative design alongside London and Berlin. It's also where a lot of companies are design savvy and desire to be fashionable with their identy and promotion.

>Personal Promotional will be essential to achieve the above elements, so a website will be needed; displaying relevant examples of work that are similar to the clients needs. Business cards are a must, especially at conventions and socials where these self-promotional tools are the best reminders for the day after. Mail shots are another way I want to promote myself; in a digital age where these personalised packages seem like a treat and people have a good appreciation for printed, hand delivered materials.