Tuesday, 9 November 2010

More Berlin based studios

I'm getting really stuck in with searching for Berlin studios, theres quite a few that suit me and what areas of design I want to be practicing.

Berlin - based studios

I've been looking into some Berlin - based design studios for when I go to Berlin next year. Hopefully I can tie my visit which well last a few months in with some Industry experience. I've also learnt recently that Berlin being a hub of international creatives means not speaking German won't hinder me, but I do plan on learning the language.

Monday, 8 November 2010

ppD group Prep

What are your concerns about industrial experience?

- Not being good enough, having my work or portfolio not at the standard that agencies will be interested in me.

- Bad financial climate, Agencies and studios may not be so willing to take me on.

- Not being to draw, sounds silly but I feel that it's something thats going to slow me down when it come to the industry (Need to start drawing again)

- Making a bad impression, blowing it and losing out on a good contact or reference

PPD group Prep

What areas of Industry are you interested in?


Information Graphics

Branding and Identity

Editorial/Book design

Circular 16 by Pentagram

PPD group Prep

What form/format can industrial experience take?

Agencies and studios, big or small, local, national or international

'Ice cream for free' based in Berlin

B&W Studio, Leeds

Effective studio based in London

Working Freelance or setting up your own studio

Alex Turvey, a long time idol of mine a talented young designer who set up his own studio months after graduating.

-Printers, specialists and stockists (visits, tours)


a manga exhibition at the former urbis in Manchester.

PPD group Prep

What can you learn from industrial experience?

- Industry level skills both in communication and design practice.
- How to work within a team more successfully
- Contacts within the Industry
- Portfolio advice
- what areas of design suits me best
- do i fit into a studio format/ in-house or freelance

PPD group Prep

What is Industrial experience?

Working in a design environment, working on real live briefs for real clients for the real world.

- Experiencing real time constraints, ongoing live briefs and working to a budget.
- Making sacrifices and compromising with clients views and instructions.

- working and adapting to a new team environment
- Being part of something real, not a self-made brief seeing the design process go from an idea to a resolution to being professionally printed and sent to the client.